Are your data, you decide who can see them and for how long time.

Connect your body data

Learn how it works with connected apps and devices.Share your body data with people that you trust.

Health data

Gather, store, use and share your body data with people that care about you. It ’s your body, your data!

  • Your Body Data

    Zivacare provides you one place to access all of your data online. You can add information automatically from your bio sensors and smart devices.

  • Zivacare Apps

    Mobile apps and website help you to gather all body data and to put out all data.The website puts out all data that you need in just a few moments.

    The great thing about Zivacare is that it gathers body data once and you use them in different ways.

    Use the app that will help you stay motivated, analyze trends, set alerts and emergency contacts, and receive education and recommendations, to keep you at your best.

  • Devices

    Nowadays, you can use pedometers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, weight scales and so on. The list keep growing. Just choose a device that works with Zivacare.

    If you have a device that you would like to have it work with Zivacare, contact us! You don’t have to enter any data by hand, just use your smartphone. Connect it to your device and that’s it!

  • Sharing

    Share your stored data with selected people, when you like for 4) how long you like.

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Now you are just a few clicks away from setting up your emergency contacts list. You can do this from the website or from your smartphone.

Define what body parameters would you like to monitor. Then, specify their critical values so that your emergency contacts may be notified right away!

How people are using

Prepared for Emergency

Automatic emergency signal can be sent when a specific threshold is reached. Edit your list of persons where notifications are to be sent. his list can be edited from the mobile app or from website. Notifications are sent from your phone using SMS.

Fit 4 Fun

Take your freedom for a safe and healthy time. Using Zivacare you capture and understand body parameters during your fitness program. Create your own workout types or use one from a standard list and connect the body parameters to selected workout. Check your performance using the mobile apps or compare the workouts using web application.

Manage Specific Health Condition

For specific medical condition you need to track different body parameters - like blood pressure, blood oxygenation, respiration rate and others. Now you can use Zivacare to capture data from specific sensors and store on your account.

Latter you can share data with a specific doctor or just export / print data and discuss with trusted experts.


ZivaCare is a sharing web site. Our goal is to provide a platform for users who want to store and share their personal fitness, body monitoring and health information.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Monitor captures precise information from external sensors, records information the Zivacare system (if you have an account) and, in case of emergency, it automatically sends SMS (with your location) to the emergency contacts.

Data acquired can be paired with the activity (workout) defined by you and latter you can analyze your data.

Use wireless sensors to collect data automatically or input data manually.

Assure to monitor heart rate metric for a specific medical condition and set alarms.

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Respiration Rate

Respiration Rate Monitor using external sensors, record information on the mobile device and on the server (if account created) and in case of emergency automatic SMS are sent to the notification list - containing GPS location.

Data acquired can be paired with the activity - workout - defined by you and latter you can analyze different situations ⁄ workout.

Use wireless sensors to collect data automatically or input data manually.

Assure to monitor respiration rate metric for a specific medical condition and set alarms.

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Web Application

All data captured by the mobile apps are sent automatically to your profile at, where you analyze your data, training, compete against your friends, follow them live and communicate with the vibrant community of active people throughout the world. You can also set up data sharing with your doctor if you follow a specific medical condition.

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