ZivaCare powers 10,000+ apps in 30 countries, across various industries

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Services

Insurance Carriers

Pharma Companies

What apps I can produce using

  • Web Portal

    • Register/user profile
    • Access actual and historic health data
    • View reports and recommendations
    • Social relations

  • Mobile Apps

    • Interact with users
    • Access actual and historic health data
    • Social integration
    • Games

  • Analyses tools

    • Specific analyses based on the acquired data.
    • User recommendations
    • Apply different algorithms (i.e. data mining/reasoning systems)

  • Health Companion

    • Track different body parameters
    • Capture data from specific sensors
    • Store health data on user account

Our solution for your apps

Fitness and Wellness Apps

Build your own workout plan or use a pre-built routine from a standard list and connect the body parameters to your selected workout.

Fitness and wellness apps

Manage Specific Health Condition

For specific medical condition you need to track different body parameters for prevention, early detection and disease self-management. Capture and store health data with ZivaCare!

Specific health condition apps integration

Wearables and IoT

Take your freedom for a safe and healthy time! Facilitate secure self-monitoring and prevent health conditions.

Wearables and IoT integration

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