Data Security & Privacy

Secure environment for your sensitive data

Your body data is your data

End-to-end security, from the device, across the platform and to the receiving end


Our commitment to developers and users comes down to this:

we are here to protect your sensitive data.


Your body data is your data.

You decide who can see them and for how long.

GDPR ready

As a data integration healthcare platform our main concern is to protect all sensitive data collected and stored in our service.

Our healthcare solutions are built with security in mind, offering our clients and partners a clean, transparent strategy built to meet our compliance ambitions and business scope.

Healthcare application developers who use ZivaCare Platform are provided with solutions to securely store sensitive data in compliance to the GDPR requirements which enable individual privacy rights. is a user-centric health integration platform that enables healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, health app developers and healthcare companies to seamlessly collect, store and exploit body/health data.

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What is GDPR?

GDPR is a new piece of legislation introduced to make data protection requirements constant across the European Union. Because it applies to European citizens, any company that handles data of a European person needs to follow GDPR legislation – regardless of where in the world they are located.
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